Fridge Freezer Repairs in Cardiff

We want to help you with any appliance repairs – and fridge repairs in Cardiff are one of our specialties here at 0800 Repair. We work throughout Cardiff, so wherever you are in the city we can assist you with low cost, high quality repairs.

We can help with all sorts of problems, including:

  • Poor temperature regulation
  • Electrical problems & issues
  • Defrosting problems/icing ups
  • Structural damage

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Stress free solution

But no matter what the problem is, we really should be the only fridge repairs company you consider. That’s because we’re affordable, hard working and really do offer a stress-free solution to fridge problems. Why not get in touch today?

029 2029 0389

Local To You and Cardiff

Fridge Freezer Repairs
Fridge Freezer Repairs
Cardiff Fridge Freezer Repairs

Fridge Freezer Repairs 029 2029 0389

Fridge Freezer Repairs

We Repair...

  • Broken Doors
  • Faulty Interior Light
  • Broken Handles
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Problem Compressors
  • Not Cooling

... and more.
98% of faults repaired!